1. The Happy Scorched Earth Incident



    it’s kind of a poem and kind of a game. there’s a specific “correct” pattern you can get but it doesn’t matter.


  2. A Confectioner’s Recipe


    Download the game HERE

    Play with MZX, get a version for your specific machine HERE (it’s at the top, most will use x86 or x64) [Editor’s Note: You can’t open the game until you download MZX; specifically, you must open the game within the MZX menu to play it.]

    I know I ran with the concept, but I made it in about 3-ish days because GAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMES!


  3. With a sweep of his hand, The Sorceror casts a mighty spell!

    Your dress swirls about your legs and you are lifted off your feet as if by a sudden wind. The air around you shimmers with a blue, glittering light, and a smell like a crisp, dry thunderstorm fills your nose. The lights around you gather into crystalline sheets, transparent and shining, and meet each other, surrounding you in the shape of a great jewel.

    In Faceted, you play as a Princess captured by an Evil Sorceror and held in a cage made of magical crystal. Because you are unable to move freely, your only options of escape are through persuasion or manipulation.

    Faceted is a Twine game written by me, Colin Sandel (@inurashii), for #towerjam 2013. Its first working draft was created at the #noshow13 game jam and it was tested and edited in the time since thanks to my friends on social media.


  4. An original game about two lovers, Samantha and Fredrick. Samantha gets captured by a mysterious power and interred in a strange dimension. Fredrick, of course, rushes to her aid, but Samantha winds up being integral to her own rescue.

    (Windows only)


  5. Lima. You have been imprisoned in a tower and you must escape!

    Hope you like it! It’s unfinished as we ran out of time!

    Design - Oliver Hughes

    Art - Matthew Hoey

    Music - Divo Faustino 


  6. toaster-games:

    At this point, I can say that I won’t finish Mother in time for the end of Towerjam. It was definitely to ambitious of a project to finish in a couple weeks, particularly with exams and the like. So I haven’t had too much time to work on it. That does not mean it is canceled, just that I want to…

    I didn’t finish my Tower Jam game by the end of September either, and I’m the one who founded the jam, so that’s pretty bad, eh? … my end-of-September deadline was a little too ambitious, perhaps :)

    I hope to finish my game by the end of this week, but I will keep the tumblr running for as long as people continue to submit games to it.


  7. Uit Zicht


  8. Babysitting the Normandy

    This is my first jam and my first completed game!  I decided to create a game about what Joker from the Mass Effect Series does while he’s left alone on the Normandy when Sheppard and the team goes off to save the galaxy again.

    Here is the XNA 4.0 redistributable if you need it: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=20914

     and the link to my game: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f38x0bgjjdzxgdl/Babysitting%20the%20Normandy.zip


  9. This is a original story/game I made about a Princess who wakes up in a mysterious tower….


  10. stankramer said: Would a game about a "damsel in distress" that saves them-self fit into the Tower Jam's scope?

    It’s not quite what I had in mind, I admit, but I’m pretty open-minded about the “rules” of this game jam, in case you hadn’t noticed :)

    I had figured the Tower Jam games would mostly revolve around people who don’t “seem” like heroes. But a captive who can save themselves sounds pretty heroic to me, since that’s a trope I’ve seen games use in the past, albeit sparingly (the new Tomb Raider reboot springs to mind).

    I realize that ending a game with someone else saving your protagonist (or, *no one* saving your protagonist) might feel really weird, though. That’s kinda the point, in my eyes, but I know not everyone will want their game to have that kind of ending. I’m okay with that.

    I plan to post pretty much any submission to the tumblr, provided it’s not outright disrespectful and/or trolling. I have my own ideas about the jam and the game I’m making, but I sure don’t want us all to end up making the same game. So go forth and be creative :) If being creative means veering off the path, that’s okay with me. I’m just glad to have inspired people to make something cool or unusual that they otherwise wouldn’t have.